#28. Superhero Catch-Up With Tom And Sean!

Are you Team Cap, or Team Stark? Perhaps Team Punisher? How awesome would it be if The Punisher came down and started laying down the law in Civil War? He’s in the universe somewhere being badass, after all…

The time is nearly upon us – The Avengers 2.5 Captain America: Civil War is just around the corner, so Tom and Sean have a chat about the hype, the trailers and where it all fits together.

We also talk about just how horrible Batman v Superman was, how great The Punisher was in the second season of Daredevil, and just how epically hyped we are about Doctor Strange, coming in November!

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Obligatory Trailer Section

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Author: Thomas Wood

Tom Wood is a graphic designer based in Bournemouth in the UK and also has a BA in something-or-other from that Arts University Bournemouth - but it doesn't really matter any more. With a passion for being a huge nerd and making pretty things, he decided to combine them somehow and tell everybody about it. That's what this whole deal is. Keep it creative, and live the geek life!

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