Audi and BBH London Show a Car Give Birth To Another Car In New Spot

As much as I love Audi (full disclosure: I own an Audi), their latest “Birth” spot created with agency BBH London is a little off the rails. If you’re squeamish, this might affect you in ways you never thought possible..


Audi have released a new spot to launch their sexy new RS 3, and it’s pretty gross. But awesome. You should read on and watch it, but if you’d prefer to watch a car commercial with a more laid-back attitude, check out Honda’s Infinite Road spot which we wrote about a few weeks back. It’s pretty great!

That’s Gotta Hurt

Picture a shot of a dark room, with a platform suspended in the middle. Lens flare all over the goddamn shop like JJ Abrams came in and smooshed lard all over the lens. An Audi R8 enters. What’s that? Robotic machines come and start removing panels. The car starts revving. Backing Up. It sounds like it’s in pain.

“What the fuck is this?” You ask yourself, hearing the car scream as a robot tries to cool it by spraying liquid all over the exhausted V10.

Something emerges. It’s big, metal and red. Oh look, it’s an RS 3. This is fucking weird. Watch it below!

When I was a kid, I used to have a big box of cars. I gave them all voices and stuff, and I used to make families out of them when I played with them. Like, the fast ones were obviously a family. Stuff like that. But I never really figured out how that would work, anatomically-speaking. I guess I know now.

Thanks, Audi. Thanks a bunch.

What do you think of this? Have you been scarred? Are you about to start a charity to help the poor Audi R8? Let us know below, or on our Facebook page!

Author: Thomas Wood

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