Creative Showcase: Fall Of Gods

I know we don’t tend to have a lot of creative-driven posts just yet, but guys… You have to see this! Somehow I missed this Kickstarter, but Copenhagen-based Mood Visuals have gone and made a freaking awesome book!


So I know you might not like to read because you’re too busy watching Game of Thrones and listening to our podcast (hint hint), but this is worth it. A creative agency has made a gorgeous book inspired by love for Norse mythology. Go buy it at the link below.

For the love of Thor!

Fall of Gods Artwork 01

On a browse of Behance this evening, this book caught my eye. What book, you ask? Fall of Gods, you fool! Keep up!

Originally started as a Kickstarter project, it is now available to buy – albeit in limited quantities – by the general public in a glorious, beautifully-printed hardback form!

“Fall of Gods is all about love for Norse heritage” say Mood, the agency behind the project, “It’s made with a desire to reinvent the mythology and come up with a new and exiting story that captures the essence of the brutal world within the old north.”

The production and artwork of this thing are just, quite frankly, stunning. It captures so much energy and you can tell the artists are deeply inspired by the mythology that is referenced in the book. Not only is the hardback available, but you can buy a digital copy too for your iPad! Here’s the links. Click them and for the love of Mjolnir, spend some money! It’s absolutely worth it.

Mood Visuals Shop

iBooks (£7.99)
Google Play (£4.79 – usually £7.61)
Amazon Kindle (£6.35)

Let’s get Moody

Mood are a Copenhagen-based creative services agency who have worked on some pretty awesome projects, including the popular video game series “Hitman” and other various Danish film projects making visuals, posters, storyboards and a bunch of other things. Go and see their website, their Behance profile and their Twitter. Give them some love!

The Work

Fall of Gods Artwork 07

Fall of Gods Artwork 06

Fall of Gods Artwork 05

Fall of Gods Artwork 04

Fall of Gods Artwork 03

Fall of Gods Artwork 02

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