Episode 21 | On The Revolutionary Race to Reusable Rockets and (Virtual) Reality

Space – we all want to go there, see it, do a wee there.. The list goes on. But unless the price comes down MASSIVELY, that ain’t gonna happen! This week, we talk about reusable rockets…


In case you’re new here, this is our podcast. We do it whenever we can get 3 (or more) people together to talk absolute nonsense about technology, gaming, movies and general geeky things.

To boldly go…

This week we talk about reusable rockets, Suicide Squad, the joys of giving your friend the 3rd party controller, Apple TV, how Pluto should be a planet and the coming Virtual Reality Renaissance.

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Author: Thomas Wood

Tom Wood is a graphic designer based in Bournemouth in the UK and also has a BA in something-or-other from that Arts University Bournemouth - but it doesn't really matter any more. With a passion for being a huge nerd and making pretty things, he decided to combine them somehow and tell everybody about it. That's what this whole deal is. Keep it creative, and live the geek life!

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