Episode 27 | Interview With Kyle Rowley, Lead Designer At Remedy Games!

It’s not every day we get to talk to someone who is actively working on one of the biggest games of the year, but that’s exactly what we’ve got! Kyle Rowley is lead designer at Remedy Games in Finland, and he joined us for a chat about his career, and their MASSIVE new game Quantum Break…

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Join Marcos and Tom as they chat with Kyle about how he got into the games industry, as well as what he thinks about the crazy new VR tech coming our way. Please note, this interview was conducted before Quantum Break was released, there are absolutely no spoilers and a lot of info was still under wraps. Have you enjoyed Quantum break? Let us know below!

Quantum Break is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10, and you really should buy it!

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Author: Thomas Wood

Tom Wood is a graphic designer based in Bournemouth in the UK and also has a BA in something-or-other from that Arts University Bournemouth - but it doesn't really matter any more. With a passion for being a huge nerd and making pretty things, he decided to combine them somehow and tell everybody about it. That's what this whole deal is. Keep it creative, and live the geek life!

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