New Honda Video Keeps Us Spinning

Honda have always been amazing with their advertising and marketing efforts. The cog always comes to mind as an example of a perfect commercial, and there’s good reason for that. Their latest attempt to market their crossover CR-V is called the Endless Road, and it’s kind of awesome.


Honda have made a new marketing video which never ends. I mean, it literally has a Honda CR-V driving in an endless fractal loop around a corner. You should probably check it out but if you want something else, listen to our first podcast! We’ll be your friends if you do. I mean, not BEST friends, but we can talk about it later. Listen to it here!

The Endless Road

Carrying on the creativity following their awesome “Illusions” spot (watch it below), the company have worked with mcgarrybowen London to create a literally endless cycle. As the Endless Road app on YouTube opens up, you’re greeted by a welcome screen showing where you are in the world and what the weather is like around you. As it fades, a camera swoops around a mountain pass. A Honda CR-V effortlessly glides along the mountain road. You expect the camera to stop and follow the car, but it just keeps moving. The car passes, and the camera moves towards and around a rock. Is this the end? Apparently not. The rock becomes the mountain, and the cycle continues. What makes this even more impressive is that the idyllic mountain pass isn’t CG – the commercial was filmed on a perfectly-detailed model!

It’s almost impossible to explain in words, and must be watched to be understood. Here’s the 1-minute spot that accompanies the app…

The real treat, however, is the interactive version. You can watch The Endless Road and change the time of day by specifying different parts of the world. If it’s raining in Moscow, the car drives in the rain. If it’s night-time, the mountain is lit beautifully by the CR-V’s headlights. It’s almost seamless, and it’s really satisfying to use, watching the miles roll up in the corner.

Find the interactive version of the spot here, and see how it was done below (as well as the “Illusions” spot mentioned earlier).


Illusions by Honda

What do you think? Where did you go on the Endless Road? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page to join the discussion!

Author: Thomas Wood

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