The Interactivists and 100XP cover E3

So the world’s biggest games gathering is finally upon us. It’s crept up, right? I’m pretty sure nobody was expecting it. But it’s here! E3 is sure to be home to some big videogame reveals, and we’re going to be giving our reactions, live, on Twitch, in partnership with


So you like videogames, huh? You think you’re cool? Well we’re staying up ALL NIGHT (sorta) watching streams of video game announcements so you don’t have to. BUT WAIT! You should still stay up, because we’re live streaming the whole goddamn thing. Right here. All you have to do is leave this window open. In fact, it’s more effort to click that little “x” in the corner, isn’t it? Isn’t your finger tired? Just rest for a while… Unless you want to check out 100XP, our co-host for the night(s). But you’re gonna come back, right? Good.

Watch live video from OneHundredXP on

Twitchy Trigger Finger

Did you know The Interactivists have a Twitch account? I never use it, so it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you stay right here, and check out the stream from James Crawford’s 100XP, a young site that’s kicking out a tonne of great gaming content. Myself, James and a couple of other nutters will be covering all of the big E3 press conferences, starting with Bethesda (a first-time for the publisher at holding their own conference at E3).

Conference Schedule (UK times)

Monday 15th June
Bethesda – 03:00
Microsoft – 17:30
EA – 21:00
Ubisoft – 23:00

Tuesday 16th June
Sony – 02:00
Nintendo – 17:00
Square Enix – 18:00

Wednesday 17th June
PC Gaming Show – 01:00

We will try and cover as much as possible, and be sure to check back for our podcast later in the week for chatter from the whole team! If you want more content from 100XP, take a look at their YouTube channel and show them some love. There’s some great features, interviews and more. What are you waiting for?!

Our pre-show coverage begins at 11pm on Sunday night. Enjoy E3 everybody! GAMES GAMES GAMES!

Author: Thomas Wood

Tom Wood is a graphic designer based in Bournemouth in the UK and also has a BA in something-or-other from that Arts University Bournemouth - but it doesn't really matter any more. With a passion for being a huge nerd and making pretty things, he decided to combine them somehow and tell everybody about it. That's what this whole deal is. Keep it creative, and live the geek life!

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