The Interactivists Podcast #9: On Deadpool, DC and Comic-Con Craziness

Have you ever been to San Diego Comic-Con? Me neither, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feast on the spoils of the big show.


Deadpool. Batman. Harley Quinn. What do these mean to you? If “nothing” is your answer, you’re probably in the wrong place. How did you get here? I have no idea, but you’re welcome to stay. If “something” is your answer, hang around and listen to the latest podcast from your favourite geeks. No, not those ones – us!

DC and Deadpool Dominate

With so much going on in a short space of time, it’s hard to see any winners, but we’ve chosen a bunch of stuff which we like the look of. In no particular order, here are some of the topics of this podcast:

  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad
  • Deadpool
  • Fantastic Four
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
  • .. And more!

So, here it is, I guess?

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Love y’all!

Author: Thomas Wood

Tom Wood is a graphic designer based in Bournemouth in the UK and also has a BA in something-or-other from that Arts University Bournemouth - but it doesn't really matter any more. With a passion for being a huge nerd and making pretty things, he decided to combine them somehow and tell everybody about it. That's what this whole deal is. Keep it creative, and live the geek life!

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