Trailers of The NOW! Cloverfield, Daredevil and More

So this was supposed to be Trailers of The Week, but that implied that I’d be organised enough to do it every week. So instead, it’s Trailers of The Whenever I Get Around To It… BUT THEY’RE GREAT! And you need a break from Deadpool stuff, right?

10 Cloverfield Lane

Oh, JJ. We love and hate you at the same time. What’s that? A Cloverfield movie? But it’s not a Cloverfield sequel? But it’s set in the same world? Or….. Something? OK JJ HAVE MY MONEY…


The first season was fucking fantastic with some of the best fight choreography you or I or the guy in the corner behind you has ever seen. Season 2 is here in just over a month – Get hyped, people! This is just part one of the hype-train, though, showing off Jon Bernthals’ Punisher – and he looks like a goodun!

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

You know what? Fuck you, this looks fun. People have given up on it already (because Snyder), but Batfleck is going to be great, you mark my words! Here’s the “final” trailer – you know, before all the TV spots and other trailers they will DEFINITELY put out before release.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Something of The Somethinger

1: Don’t watch this if you don’t want the very last shot of Episode VII spoiled for you. 2: If you haven’t seen Episode VII, you should probably go to another website, I mean come on…

They’ve started filming Episode VIII everybody! Let the hype begin.

Have you seen any great trailers that we’ve missed? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below! We wanna hear from you, guys!

Author: Thomas Wood

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